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Full Version: MinimStreamer 0.7.4
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MinimServer 0.7.4 has just been released. This version is licensed until 30 June 2018.

If you are currently using MinimStreamer 0.7.2 and you don't have autoUpdate set to true, you will get an error message saying that MinimServer 0.7.2 has expired and must be updated. This message should have been deferred until January 2018 but because of a bug in 0.7.2 it is being displayed now. If you get this message, you should update to 0.7.4 and this will enable MinimStreamer to continue working.
Updated and working just fine Smile

Many thanks once again.
Good evening,

I was happily using MinimServer 0.8.4 update 111 on DS214play DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 2 when suddenly things stopped working because of MinimStreamer 0.7.2. I have no clue how to update to 0.7.4 and could not find how to do... I can live without MinimStreamer but again have no clue how to dismiss on my Synology set-up

Can you pls help?

Many thanks in advance

I presume you have MinimWatch installed as you wouldn't have been able to install MinimStreamer without it. From the MinimWatch minim icon, select About, then click 'Show updates'. You will see MinimStreamer 0.7.4 as an available update. Follow the prompts to install this and relaunch MinimServer.

If you would prefer to remove MinimStreamer, select Properties from the minim icon, then select the Packages tab. In the 'Installed packages' list, select minimstreamer-0.7.2 and click Remove, then click Relaunch.
thanks simon!
done as you indicated and it all works fine now
i do not use MinimWatch often and I just forgot about its existence...
i really appreciate MinimServer

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