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Full Version: DSM Version: 6.1.4-15217
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I'm running Miniserver on one of my Synology NAS boxes, I just went to update to the latest DSM (Version: 6.1.4-15217) and I got a warning that Miniserver is not supported on that release.
Can you advise if this is the case and what can be done to support this version please?

Regards, Keith Adley (deskyeti)
This DSM message is incorrect. You can update without uninstalling MinimServer and MinimServer will continue to work after the update.
Many thanks for the quick response.
I have now a second time the same Problem. First I Need to uninstall Minimserver after the Update and then it works again for a view Days. But today it stop working. The Website come not up. Again uninstall and install the Minimserver. Now on the Logfiles i can see: The Server is running but the Media is on starting :-(. What is now the Problem. I have a DS916+. I have now new installed the version update 107. Now after 10 Minutes the Service is up and running. Strange!
It can take some time for MinimServer to scan your library for the first time. During this time, MinimServer is running but the media server status is shown as starting and the media server is not visible to UPnP control points. When all files in your library have been scanned, the media server status changes to running and UPnP control points can see the media server.
(14-11-2017 11:55)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]It can take some time

That's why I always tend to keep MinimWatch running .. a yellow icon spings to mind a lot more but 'Started' bundled with a still active 'rescan' button.
Perhaps you could think about adding some sort of progress string (perhaps the full path it currently did process) if one does hit the 'refresh' button on NAS:9790.
I won't ask for a continous logging as in watch.log with verbose turned on since that would surely slow down the NAS. But when pressing refresh the page must get refreshed anyway thus some more info would be nice.
Especially if your mentioned 'some time' turns gets measured in hrs not minutes on huge collections.
Verbose logging is implemented very efficiently and shouldn't slow down the scan at all. A progress bar would be nicer and I will consider this as a possible future enhancement.
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