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Full Version: Melco and big library
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Hi all,

how can someone benefit from the melco when the music library is over 3T ?

This is my case, and

1) I guess that when Melco says 3T disk, part of it is reserved for the OS

2) there is always this ambiguity of 1000 and 1024 (on my synology 716+II I my music is 2.82TB which are 3,097,496,847,281 bytes :-)

3) I guess my library is meant to grow...

FYI, I have mixed a 4T WD Red and a 4T Seagate IronWolf and it all works as a charm so far, at least after 5000 hours)
Both the N1A/2 and N1ZH/2 have 2 x 3Tb drives.
The standard way of using these is as spanned, so it looks like a 6 Tb drive.
I tried using a Raid, so 3Tb available, and to my ears, it sounded worse.
I have a QNAP NAS I use to backup my music so not worried about not running Melco as Raid.
So if you have about 6Tb of music, you can still about double your collection before you run into space limits.
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