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Full Version: Any problems with High Sierra?
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I have been waiting to see if any problems arise with High Sierra on the mac platform. So far so good. I just checked the forums on products I use and I haven't seen anything. Has anyone using High Sierra had any problems with MinimServer or MinimStreamer? If not I'll go ahead and upgrade my computer.
Hi Jack
There are lots of warnings on the net not to upgrade just yet.
I ruined a perfectly good Windows 7 Laptop by being tempted with Windows 8 and 10.
Not the same thing I know, but the principle holds.

We have a couple of Macs, but they don't have SSD main drives. If I am reading things correctly, unless you have a SSD, you will not benefit from the new file system, which as I see it is the main reason to upgrade for most people.

Can anyone authoritatively confirm my understanding?

Personally, I wait. I have Microsoft office and Photoshop to worry about transferring. And they work great at the moment.

Hope this helps
Donuk, sunny downtown York (but it has been rotten today)
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