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Full Version: search capabilities question
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I have a question about the search capabilities minimserver advertises. It returns a list of them including things like upnp:artist[@role="AlbumArtist"].
When I create a query like this:

upnp:artist contains "beatles" or upnp:artist[@role="AlbumArtist"] contains "beatles"

minimserver returns an error "Failed to search ...".

I now filter the list of search capabilities to use (ignore entries with a '@') so the app works again but maybe you know of a way to use them.

Oh and thanks for your wonderful server.

best regards,

Thanks for letting me know about this problem.

The search capabilities list currently includes all the tags that appear as displayRole settings in the tagCustom property. However, searching only works correctly for tags that also appear in either indexTags or itemTags. Using it for other tags causes MinimServer to crash.

I will make two changes:

1) Fix the search capabilities string to include only those tags that are valid for searching

2) If a tag that isn't valid for searching is used in a search query, make sure MinimServer doesn't crash
This problem is now fixed in MinimServer update 105. Searching by AlbumArtist is supported even if AlbumArtist isn't listed in the indexTags and itemTags properties, as long as AlbumArtist is specified as a displayRole option in the tagCustom property.

With this change, everything returned by GetSearchCapabilities should now work in Search and anything else should return no results without producing an error.
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