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Full Version: Log error: Sort Value Conflict
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Hi - I love Minimserver and it works great. I do have this error in my logs through, and I can't seem to figure out why.

Warning: sort value conflict for [artistIndex] filter The Manhattan Transfer
first conflicting value is 'Manhattan Transfer, The' in item 'A-Tisket, A-Tasket'
second conflicting value is 'The Manhattan Transfer' in item 'Along Comes Mary'
Warning: sort value conflict for [artistIndex] filter The Black Eyed Peas
first conflicting value is 'Black Eyed Peas, The' in item 'Audio Delite At Low Fidelity'
second conflicting value is 'The Black Eyed Peas' in item 'Fly Away'

These two errors are appearing in my verbose log after server startup and once I attempt to access the 'Artists' list from a client. What's interesting is that "Black Eyed Peas, The' and 'Manhattan Transfer, The' does not appear in any tag in any of my files.

What is unique about these two artists in my collection is that they have 2 albums each, where one album doesn't have an album artist tag and the other one does. I've attached a screenshot of my mp3tag view of these two albums to explain clearly.

It doesn't seem to affect any searching/browsing of the artist, I just get this error in the log and I was wondering if there was anything that could be done. Stripping the AlbumArtist out of the album that has it makes the problem go away, and I have a lot of items, so it's something related to the mixture of albums with and without album artists when The is used only - I can't find any other situation where it occurs.

My tag options does have Album.sortTags={Album, Artist}, Artist.ignore.sort={The}
The Artist index entry for a file is the value of the AlbumArtist tag if the file contains this tag. If the file doesn't contain an AlbumArtist tag, the value of the Artist tag is used. In the example that you posted, all the tracks shown have the same Artist index value so MinimServer groups them together in the Artist index.

By setting Artist.ignore.sort={The}, you are setting the sort values for the Artist tags to 'Manhattan Transfer, The', so some of the tracks have an Artist index sort value of 'Manhattan Transfer, The' and some of the tracks have an Artist index sort value of 'The Manhattan Transfer' (taken from the AlbumArtist tag). This creates a conflict because MinimServer doesn't know whether the artist 'The Manhattan Transfer' should be sorted under M or T.

To resolve the conflict, you can add AlbumArtist.ignore.sort={The}. This ensures a consistent Artist index sort value of 'Manhattan Transfer, The' for all tracks by this artist.
Brillant, thank you. So, I match albumArtist.ignore.sort and Artist.ignore.sort and they both reorder (internally) to put the 'The' at the end and then everything matches!

I appreciate the help.
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