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Full Version: FLAC to WAV transcoding using external transcoder
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I've got a question. MinimServer can transcode from FLAC to WAV out-of-the-box. But, it is also possible to use ffmpgeg or any other transcoder to do the job.

Has anyone experimented with other transcoders? And, more important, did you experience any difference in Sound Quality?

I have compared the internal transcoder with using ffmpeg to transcode and I haven't noticed any difference. I have also compared on-the-fly transcoding with doing offline conversion to WAV and then playing WAV from a disk file and I haven't noticed any difference.
well, the MinimServer can do that perfectly, so you don't have to use any external transcoder usually. Unless you need to remove DRM and convert FLAC to WAV, you can use an All-in-one Audio Converter to convert any audio files, you may take a look at it here. good luck my friend.
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