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Full Version: Install MinimStreamer on Windows 2016 Core - no network
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Hello everybody, I am trying to set-up minimstreamer / minimserver on a Windows 2016 Server Core PC which has NO network connection (i.e. no access to the internet).

I have installed minimserver 0.8.4 update 101.

Due to the lack of GUI in W2016 core mode, I assume I need to run and make all the configurations by command line.

I am familiar with the set-up and configuration in GUI-based Windows operation, but I am struggling in core mode.

By now I have been able to arrange things so to play wav files from my library with Upplay.

Now I want to add MinimStreamer in order to add the transcoding capabilities needed to play all other types of music files.

My first problem is how to install MinimStreamer. I have tried the "packages" command from the console but I get "unable to access the list of available packages", which I think is due to the lack of an internet connection (?).

How can I move on? Is there a way to access the MinimStreamer 0.6.4 package (jmpkg file and all needed code) directly so that I download it and copy it on the audio PC?

Next step would be to set the stream.converter and stream.transcode parameters but I am stuck a step before that :-((

Thank you in advance!
You can install MinimWatch on another computer on your local network and use MinimWatch to install MinimStreamer.
Thanks Simon for your quick response! I am not familiar with MinimWatch, so I am not sure I understand your recommendation right.
Please note that my audio PC has no network card at all when run in W2016 Core mode, so it is not visibile by any other PC in the network.
Can I still use MinimWatch to install MinimStreamer on a different PC, when it is not in the same network?
Can you run the audio PC in some other mode with a local network connection (not internet)? If so, you can use MinimWatch to install MinimStreamer in this mode, then change back to core mode to run MinimServer and MinimStreamer.
Hi Simon, unfortunately this is not possible. I am using my PC (Surface Pro 3) in Windows 2016 Server Core and in that mode my only network card (the wireless adapter) is not "seen" by the OS, so the PC is not equipped with any mean to reach a network.
I cannot switch to a different mode, only core is possible once a core installation has been done (and GUI only is available if you install W2016 Server with GUI). Unfortunately with W2016 Microsoft has removed the possibility to switch between core and gui (which was available in W2012 server) on the same machine :-((
Can you enable the wireless adapter using the steps described in this article and/or this article?
I have used the method shown in the first article to enable wireless in W2016 Server GUI mode successfully.
This method, and also the method from the other link can work on both W2016GUI, with wi-fi and LAN adapters, and in W2016 Core, but ONLY with LAN adapters in the latter case.

Therefore, these method do not work (I tried both again just now to be double sure) with W2016 Core AND Wi-Fi adapters, which is the challenge I am facing now.

By the way, now that I have replicated in W2016Core the same configuration that I have in W2016GUI, i.e. Audiophile Optimizer 2.2b5, Fidelizer Pro, JPLAY, Process Lasso playing trough Upplay > MinimServer> JPLAYStreamer, I can say that, in my system and for my ears, W2016Core is noticeably better sounding than W2016GUI, at least with wav files which are the only ones that I can play at the moment.

This makes me even more eager to put in place the last piece of the puzzle, MinimStreamer + FFMpeg transcoders, to play ALL my music :-)
Thanks for trying this. I understand the problem but I do not have a solution at present.
I think the best solution would be to do the following:

1) On another Windows PC with internet access, install MinimServer and MinimStreamer

2) On the Surface Pro 3, exit MinimServer

3) Copy the complete contents of the /Users/your-user-name/AppData/Roaming/MinimServer/libext folder from the other PC to the same folder in the Surface Pro 3

4) On the Surface Pro 3, restart MinimServer

This process can be repeated when you want to update to a later version of MinimStreamer. Make sure you erase the current contents of the libext folder on the Surface Pro 3 before you copy the new contents from the other PC and make sure you have the same version of MinimServer (e.g., 0.8.4 or on both PCs. Also, do not copy anything other than the libext folder from one PC to the other.
Simon, thank you very much for your help.

I have now solved the problem by starting from your instructions.

I initially was not able to use MinimStreamer, probably due to the different way I run MinimServer on the Core and on the GUI environments.

- On the Core OS I haven't been able to install Java, even when using the "silent" installation. Therefore I have copied a portable installation of Java on my PC, and I am running Minimserver through the command line "java.exe "..\mserver.jar --set watch.view=console"

- On the GUI OS, where Minimserver/Minimstreamer are working fine, the command line I run is just "mserver.jar", since Java is installed properly and the jar file are associated to it.

- When I tried on the GUI OS to run Minimserver using the same command line of the Core OS, I could again play only wav files even on the GUI OS environment. I found that a brand new server was created and I noticed the minimserver.config file that was created on the same folder where I ran the command line.

What I did then was to install the minimstreamer package by using the console on the GUI OS (where the internet is accessible), define the "props" for transcoding and checked that on the GUI OS I was again able to play flac, mp3, dsf etc.

At this point, I copied again all the minimserver related files (from the installation folder, from the appdata/roaming folder) AND the minimserver.config file from to the Core environment.

Then switching to the Core OS I have a working set-up.

I am sure not all I have done was strictly necessary, but I am happy that with your help I am now able to make the switch to the core mode which I feel is definitely better sounding than the GUI.

Thank you again,
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