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Full Version: Onkyo search by artist feature
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Do you know how to get it to work search by artist feature on onkyo TX-NR509 AV receiver?
Device has the latest available firmware already installed.
Onkyo remote app for android is used to control it.
Funny thing is that search by album and by track does work fine.

The only way I got it work is by adding to tagFormat Album.displayFormat={$artist^^ - $album} or Title.displayFormat={$artist^^ - $title}
but it's not ideal as too many characters is displayed per line and it looks bit messy.

I've been using Plex before but Minim is far better as there is no issues with genre on lossless files and also it has search function and playlist playback capability.

This seems to be an Onkyo issue. See this post to the Onkyo support forum describing a similar problem when using Nero MediaHome and TVersity.
Thanks simoncn, custom tag format is the only option then.
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