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Full Version: java UnsatisfiedLinkError
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I have tried to install minim-server on both a Volumio Debian Pi system, as well as on a musicbox distribution of Rasbian. Java is installed correctly (as determined using the java -version command). I can install minim-server, but for both systems I get the following message when I try to startup the server:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /data/minim-home/minimserver/tmp/native/

The file is indeed in that directory. Any suggestions????
Correction - the file is in /root/minim-home/minimserver/tmp/native directory (at least on the Rasbian musicbox system). Do I need to create a /data/minim-home/minimserver/tmp/native/ directory and copy the file there? Thanks
My goodness, I did create the /data/minim-home/minimserver/tmp/native/ directory and copied the file there, the restarted minim-server and now the error message is java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /root/minim-home/minimserver/tmp/native/ , so it is now looking for the file in the root area and the file is there. Obviously, I am not experienced with linux enough to understand these directory and/or path issues? Any help is appreciated.
What directory did you use to install MinimServer (unzip the distribution file)? Was it /data/minim-home or /root/minim-home?

It is not advisable to install MinimServer when logged in as the root user. If you have done this, I suggest you uninstall it and install it again when logged in as a non-root user. The only exception to this is on systems that require you to login as the root user.
The Pi Musicbox distro requires root login. I uninstalled, reinstalled from /root/minim-home, and now it is working fine. Sorry to bother you, I should have done that before posting on the forum. In any event, I did just make a donation for the best music server software that is out there! Thanks
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