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Full Version: Minimserver offline in Lumin app, but still accessible
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Hi forum

This is my first post here Wink

I have a Lumin D1 with firmware version 8.04. MinimServer 0.8.4 update 101 is running on a Synology NAS (DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 1). Prior to the DSM update it said that Minimserver wont be running anymore. In this forum I read that it will still run after the upgrade and its just a "bug". Actually Minimserver is still running but with one issue.

Unfortunately I always have to quit the Lumin app (version 6.0.9) on my iPad Air 2 (running iOS 10) and open it again that the albums are being displayed as online.

this is what it looks like if I open the app. the albums are offline.
[Image: 1.jpg]

it says that the server is offline. if you add an album to the playlist it still will be added and streamed.
[Image: 2.jpg]

at this point I quit the Lumin app and restart it again. the albums are being displayed as online.

is anyone having the same issue ? I didnt made any changes to my network configuration and Minimserver is being displayed as running on my NAS.

All the Best from far Switzerland

What happens after you restart the LUMIN app to resolve the problem? How long does MinimServer stay "online" before it goes "offline" again?
thanks for your swift answer. After I restart the Lumin app, the server is being immediately displayed as online. its around one hour until it goes "offline". The NAS doesnt go in standby it runs 24/7 without hibernate-mode.
This is a problem with UPnP multicast messaging on your network. What router are you using? Does it have a setting to disable IGMP snooping? If so, IGMP snooping should be disabled.
I am using a Zyxel USG 40 firewall. need to check things in detail, its not that easy to configure it. but anyway thanks a lot, now I know why this happens.
Just out of curiosity, what has UPnP multicast messaging to do with Minimserver ? Does UPnP need to be enabled by the router ?

I thought UpNp is just to discover the media-server the first time without configuring any network-component. Just want to understand how things work in order to check my firewall Smile
The control point (LUMIN app) uses UPnP to mantain a subscription to MinimServer. This relies on MinimServer periodically sending UPnP "alive" multicast messages which the LUMIN app receives. If the router is blocking these messages, the subscription will drop after 30 minutes to an hour, which is what you are seeing.
(26-07-2017 10:21)Wookie Wrote: [ -> ]I thought UPnP is just to discover the media-server the first time without configuring any network-component.

That is generally correct, but has nothing to do with the messaging to which Simon is referring.

All streamers use network messaging protocols (and the amount of messaging they generate is very considerable). Your Lumin uses a protocol called OpenHome (a development of the UPnP to which Simon refers), which provides the means by which the server, the player and the controller work together. To do this, they advertise their presence on the network using an arrangement called 'multicast'. Routers often block or limit multicast traffic to prevent it from hogging the network; if this is done too aggressively, your streaming protocols will not work.

Unfortunately, not all routers have settings to control the way they handle multicast, and when they do have settings, they put them in different places and call them different things. I have looked at the manual for your router. Its 750 pages make it the longest, most complex and most impenetrable router manual I have seen. It describes all sorts of esoteric VPN configurations, but doesn't seem to cover basic things like DHCP (network addressing) configuration. So I am afraid that you are correct in saying that the router will not be easy to configure.

Thanks a lot to you both Smile really appreciate that.

@DavidHB: Yes the manual is pretty extensive, but setting up DHCP was straight forward Wink. I have some basic network knowledge and try to figure out how I can solve the problem. There is one thing I dont understand. Why should I disable IGMP snooping ? thought this would ensure that the messages passes through the switch.

I have another approach Wink. what did you enable in your router in order that the multicast-messages arrive ? Just UPnp ? I try to find a way to do the same on my firewall.
IGMP snooping enables the router to block certain types of multicast messages to devices that the router thinks are not interested in receiving these messages. This is done to reduce load on the network in some high-traffic situations. For various reasons, the router often incorrectly thinks a device is not interested in these messages when actually it is interested. Disabling IGMP snooping tells the router to forward all multicast messages to all devices.

It is possible to get IGMP snooping to work correctly (I have done this on my own network) but this is much more complex than just disabling it.
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