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Full Version: FLAC and WAV files
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My Superuniti can only see the FLAC files stored on my QNAP. Any ideas?
The Superuniti supports WAV files up to 24bit/192kHz. I'm assuming that your WAV files are at this or lower resolution (which is very likely). I'm also assuming that, as you are posting here, you are using MinimServer, and that the WAV files are stored in the library folder(s) indexed by MinimServer.

MinimServer supports WAV files with ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4 tags. If your files are not tagged, or not tagged in one of those formats, they will not be indexed by MinimServer and the system will not see them. You could look at the MinimServer log, to see if there are any error messages concerning your WAV files.

The tagging of WAV files is a bit problematic, as metadata was not part of the original format specification, and a number of different tagging methods have been used with WAV files. FLAC is much more reliable from this perspective; it has only ever used the excellent Vorbis tagging specification. This is from my perspective a good reason to convert WAV files to FLAC. If, on a particular player, the sound of the WAV format is preferred, you can always use MinimStreamer to transcode the FLAC files to WAV on the fly, and the player will then receive WAV format data.

You can confirm whether this is a tagging issue by looking in the [untagged] index of your MinimServer library. Do you see the missing files there?
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