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Full Version: MinimServer And QNAP Firmware Update
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I have a QNAP 253A running this version of Minimserver "This page was last updated at 13:34:36 on 13 Jun 2017

MinimServer update 101, Copyright © 2012-2017 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.
MinimStreamer 0.6.4, Copyright © 2012-2017 Simon Nash. All rights reserved."

The details of my QNAP are Intel Celeron. Current Firmware Build 20170516.

It wants to update to firmware Build 20170606 but it says that "The following apps are not supported in current QTS 4.3.0.
Please double confirm before updating you NAS firmware.
App: MinimServer "

I have read else where it is not an issue but I just wanted to double check.
Thank you.
I have been away and unable to try this until just now.

I updated my HS-251+ from QTS to I didn't get any message about MinimServer not being supported and MinimServer was working correctly after the update.
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