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Full Version: QNAP 251 and MiND (simaudio moon) help server!
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just some info about to set the server!

I download the minimserver APP instead the Music Center APP of QNAP.
I did this because I think ms is more light and I am sure very bitperfect ;-)

- should I always enter on the site APP of the QNAP server (with PC) to start (play) the minimserver APP? How can I leave it always on?
- is it normal that on my net I don't see the server UPnP (QNAP/minimserver) until I add some files?

thanks so so much.
Welcome to MinimServer and the forum.

Once installed and started, MinimServer should keep running on your QNAP.

I don't think I ever tried it without any music files so cannot comment on that.

The way to control MinimServer is to install MinimWatch on your PC. This allows your to specify the location of your music files, to rescan files, to stop or start MinimServer etc.

See this page of the manual

For a brief introduction see here

Post back if you have any further issues, there are lots of people who can help.
Thanks Peter...
So, I tried with one album and... it works.

-minimserver APP (you will found it on the APP market of the QNAP) seems to work without open it, just run the server and it works (ms is running). I am not sure till now because I need some more test... open, stop, pause, off the server etc.
-to see the minimserver on the net (in my case on the iPad mini running the MiND APP by simaudio) it is important to copy and paste the directory of the files that are inside the HDD of the QNAP in the minimserver page, just one time. (To open the ms page just double click on icon). BUT, there is no directory... you must write: /share/NAME OF FOLDER WHERE THE FILES ARE...
Yes, it is wrote on the help of minimserver :O

So, I do not use "minimwatch"... for now...
I will write more... later...


P.S. My intentions are NOT to use any PC around. Only open the MiND APP and the QNAP like server!
Great to hear it's working for you
(07-06-2017 18:48)Peter@57m Wrote: [ -> ]Great to hear it's working for you

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