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Full Version: Google Chromecast, Qnap & synology, and all the fish
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Hello all

I have now tested since three weeks a google chromecast.

My music library has quite a lot of HD files; including some dsf which minimserver happily convert to flavc24;176

Well, to my great surprise, the wifi does not seem to be a bottleneck. Never had any lag issue. I bought a qnap 251+ to be at ease for the conversion.

My actual home environment is quite correct : a wooden house in San Francisco so no concrete, and the xfinity box as a router.

Having switched from Synology (DS415play) to Qnap (for the pleasure of testing) what I have seen is that QNAP hardware is better, but Synology software is more agreable and less buggy. As an example, I have the Amazon cloud sync service, unlimited storage.

The synology synchronisation app is perfect, but the QNAP one (still in beta) is buggy.

Next step is having also a Sneaky DS which I will test with the Q Acoustics concept 20

Just to share some info with the community

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