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Full Version: All Tracks container?
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I have a question. Does anyone know how to have a container for all tracks by an artist? Currently all I get is the list of albums, which is correct, but it would be very handy to have an additional "All Tracks" container that list every track rather than by album. I think Asset had this feature but I wonder if Minim can be configured to have similar?
Do you specifically want a container (and, if so, why?), rather than producing a list of tracks in the course of the browsing process (i.e something like the 'nn Items' you get at the top level)?

If, in Kazoo or Bubble, you search rather than browse for an artist, the results give you a track list. Does that not meet your need?

I sometimes see on Qobuz or Tidal, or hear on the radio, a track that I don't recognise (through poor memory perhaps) by someone I do. So being able to list all my tracks by that artist would be a convenient way to see if it's missing from my collection or not.
I take the point that I can search for the artist name and select the tracks that are returned, but this only works for unique artist names, which can be long and drawn out to type in the search field on a tablet, or if they contain special characters. Searching the track title has it's own complications.
In the Server tab of Minimserver properties there's a property called listViewAlbums. This property is set to a number below which Minimserver will display only the list of albums on selecting an artist. For example if this is set to 25, if there are less than 25 albums for an artist, it will display the list of albums. If there are more than 25, however, the display will show all the tag selections you would normally see at the top level, and you can select albums, items, etc. If you delete this property or set it to 0 or 1, then for any artist with more than 1 album you will have the "items" selection available which shows all tracks.
Ahh yes, thanks Anton. I remember - but it will have ramifications for all my other browse trees (I currently have it set to 200 for various reasons). Oh well.
Just select All Artists > the artist name > nn items.
(14-04-2017 17:37)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Just select All Artists > the artist name > nn items.

Duh! Forgot to experiment with All Artists ...

Wow, that was too simple. I was making it much too complicated.
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