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Full Version: Meaning of this error message
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Hello !

I have this message while scanning, and I am not sure to understand, and if it is important :

FLACDecoder: FindSync LOST_SYNC: 0 at offset 10346046 in 6) Jazz/John Coltrane/Blue Train/00-01-Blue_Train.flac

Not while playing, but at the end of the scan process, right after the message which says minimserver is running..

(PS I just realized I have posted already this message in 2016 :-(

Thx !
If this is after the message that says MinimServer is running, it is not happening as part of the scan. Perhaps the control point is sending a request to MinimServer and this is causing this message to be displayed.

Are you always seeing this message from the same track or does it occur with different tracks?
Only on this track, and it is not systematic.

Since I am on a Qnap (very recent) I don't have it anymore.
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