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Full Version: Arcam Solo Movie
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I recently bought the Arcam Solo Movie 2.1. I am streaming flac files from my Synology NAS and using Minimserver. My Cambridge Audio Steam Magic 6 has no problems with Minimserver, but the Arcam shows me the headings I use (e.g. Composer, Genre, Artist, etc.) but when I select one I just get an ellipsis and no music files and the display shows 0/0 files. The Synology's own server shows all the files fine and I see e.g. 1/15 files on the display. So I'm wondering why Minimserver is not working.
I would need to see a trace log to find out more about what is happening. To create the log file, please do the following:

1) From the minim icon, select 'Show log'
2) In the log window, set the logging level to Trace
3) Leave the log window open
4) Use the Arcam to make a selection that shows the ellipsis problem. This should produce some output in the log window.
5) In the log window, select 'Save as' to save a log file
6) Zip the log file (this step is important) and attach the zipped file as a file attachment to a post here
7) In the log window, set the logging level back to Info

I will look at the log file and let you know what I find
I'm not convinced it's an issue with Minimserver, more likely Arcam's built in uPnP browsing capability.

I had the exact same problem with an Arcam CDS27 and also trying Asset and Twonky gave the same results. That said, it worked fine with the Arcam app as opposed to trying to browse the tree with the remote on the device itself.
Thanks Simon and Bluedog for your replies. I think Bluedog might be right. I tried it again tonight from power on the remote is browsing the Minimserver tree fine. It seems this unit might lock on to one thing and doesn't let go easily. So by browsing another server I think Minimserver browsing was blocked. I say that because I've noticed similar behaviour with other functions on the unit. I might be wrong and it may happen again soon. If it happens again I will do as Simon suggested and post the trace log here.
Ok it's happened again. And it's really inconsistent. Some of my tags are browsable and some aren't. And of those browsable some entries within the tags aren't. E.g. composer is browsable but orchestra isn't. And genre tag is browsable but some of the genres show albums and some don't. Attached is the trace log.[attachment=1337]
The log shows that the control point has browsed the top-level menu and then it has browsed the Orchestra index with a request for the first item only. The orchestra item returned by MinimServer was "Academia Montis Regalis".

If you have attempted to do more browsing than this while the trace was running, the control point is not functioning correctly.

This might be a resource issue within the control point. If it is low on memory, this might cause it to malfunction as you are seeing. You could try creating a smaller test library to see whether this improves things.
Thanks Simon. I have a small amount of albums on my laptop so I'll use that as a test. During the trace I just stopped after 1 attempt. I wasn't sure if you wanted repeat attempts within the one trace.
In order to help with this, I would need to see a trace for actions that failed as well as actions that succeeded. I would also need to know what you did, in the order that you did it, so that I can match your actions to the trace output.
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