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Full Version: Noise dsd to pcm
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Hi from Italy,
I'm using Minimserver on my Qnap Nas and an Engineered NMR board, as renderer, connected to a PS Audio Directstream dac via I2s. Everything works well, but during the transitions from DSD to PCM I hear an annoying and loud noise (sounds like a scratch). I'm sure my Wilson speakers are not happy Confused
Switching from PCM to DSD is ok.
Is there any way to set two or three seconds of silence to fix this issue?
I don't see how this would help. Most tracks start with silence anyway.
Probably the only thing you can do in MinimServer is avoid the DAC handling the transitions, by manually setting MinimServer to get MinimStreamer to transcode any dsf files to PCM when you use these mixed DSD/PCM file playlists. However, it won't work if you are using dff files, as MinimStreamer can't currently transcode dff files to PCM.
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