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Full Version: HTTPService: error creating server socket: Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 0: JVM
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whenever i try to startup minimserver on Windows, this error message comes up. I use Java 8, disabled window firewall settings for java, dont know what would cause it else, it wasn't like this earlier.
This means that MinimServer cannot connect to the HTTP port that it is trying to use. This might be because something else is already connected to that port or it might be because an antivirus program is blocking the connection. The port would be port 9790 unless you have changed the http.port property to set it to somethng else.

Try the following in this order:

1) Disable any antivirus program you have running

2) Reboot the machine

If you still get the same error, check to see whether you have any other instances of MinimServer running on the same machine. Also, check for other programs that might be connected to this port. You can use the "netstat -a" command in a command window to show all ports in use.
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