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Full Version: Content directory isn't absolute?
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Please provide help regarding the media folder or content directory

On the QNAP NAS I installed JAVA JRE 8.65.0 and then minimserver! The error logs display NO errors.

On the iPAD 2 I installed the Minim-APP! The app finds however only few music files although under I: / Music II various titles are stored (about 100 GB). Which path is required? The paths
https: /192.168.X.XX OR I: \ OR Data (\\ 192.XXX.XX) (ISmile of the MinimStatus are displayed as errors (Content directory is not absolute)!

How can indexing the music titles be achieved?

With best thanks in advance.

Because MinimServer is running on the QNAP, you need to use a local path from the QNAP file system. See this page for details of how to find the correct path.

You can use the MinimServer Status web page to enter a single path only. If you have two or more paths to enter, you need to enter the paths from the MinimWatch program running on a PC or Mac.
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