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Full Version: Mininwatch not working on Ubuntu Gnome
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I have searched the forums as best I can but can find no reference to this problem, but apologies if I've missed it.

I run Minimserver on my NAS and have been successfully monitoring and controlling it via Minimwatch on my Acer laptop running Ubuntu 16.10. I recently installed Ubuntu Gnome 16.10 on another small Acer laptop and I assumed Minimwatch would run no problems. I tried installing it today and as usual said yes to desktop integration and start at boot. It seems to start - I get a small black square in the tab area bottom left of the screen (where my Dropbox app is also displayed) and a tiny green minim is displayed just under the "Activities" menu at the top left. Right or left clicking on either does nothing and searching for the app in "Activities" does not find it.

I have 64 bit Java running and I downloaded the 64 bit version of Minimwatch.

I'm not sure what to do next. It is no big deal as I can work successfully with Minimwatch on my other laptop and I can at least start a rescan from my iPad, but it would be handy to get it to work on my small laptop also. So any suggestions welcome.
Unfortunately, there seem to be problems in Java with system tray icons on recent versions of some Linux desktop managers. I believe this is caused by changes in the underlying platform APIs for tray icons. The Java developers don't seem to be interested in fixing this and I am not aware of any solution other than using a different desktop manager or an older Linux version.
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