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Full Version: Control can't see MinimServer after rescan until server Ethernet unplugged/replugged
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First, a big thank you to Simon from a new MinimServer user for the enormous amount of work he's put into creating a terrific music server!

Mine has been running on a Raspberry Pi + hard drive server for over a month now, controlled by Bubble UPnP on a tablet, and has been completely reliable with WiFi connections between the server, control and (several) renderers via a Billion 8800NL router. However, I relocated the server a few days ago and connected it to the router by Ethernet. Since then it's continued to work as it should EXCEPT that after a rescan (to include newly-added music) Bubble no longer sees MinimServer. Stopping and restarting the control point makes no difference; Kinsky running on a PC (with an Ethernet connection to the router) behaves in the same way. I can SSH into the server normally from both the tablet and PC, via both WiFi and Ethernet, so both connections are active. The only cure I've found is to unplug and then reconnect the Ethernet cable at the server; this restores normal operation instantly, every time.

Has anybody any thoughts on how to fix this, other than restoring the server to a WiFi-only connection?

(I've searched MinimServer documentation and this forum, btw, and found nothing evidently relevant. Apologies if I've missed something I should have noticed.)
Welcome to the MinimServer forum!

It sounds like the issue occurs when the Pi is connected via both WiFi and Ethernet but not when it is connected via WiFi only. Is this correct? If so, what happpens when the Pi is connected via Ethernet only?
Hello Simon

Thank you for responding so quickly. I've run a series of tests this morning with various conditions and actions. The end result is that Bubble now appears to continue to see the server after a rescan even with both its Ethernet and WiFi active (I say 'appears' in case this is somehow a fluke!) so I'm going to leave everything as it is unless a problem arises again.

In case my experience is helpful to anyone else with a similar problem, the significant actions were:

- remove the server's WiFi MAC address from the router filter list, disabling the WiFi connection and leaving the Ethernet active. Bubble didn't see the server immediately, but did after restarting it and the restarting the tablet - I don't know whether it was the app restart, tablet restart or simply lapse of time which restored visibility. (So the answers to Simon's questions are 'yes', and that Bubble could also see the server with only the Ethernet connection active.)
- restore the server WiFi MAC address to the router filter list. This should have restored the WiFi connection immediately (according to the router manual), but in fact I had to reboot the router. I'm not using fixed IP addresses, so that gave the server and most of the renderers new IP addresses and they disappeared from Bubble's list.
- reboot the server and PI-based renderers (and power cycle a commercial one). This restored the server and all the renderers to visibility in Bubble.

I hope I've remembered everything that matters, in the right order; I was checking connections with SSH and trying to work out what might be happening 'under the hood' after every change, and I didn't have the patience to make notes as well.

I can only imagine that somehow one or more parts of the system got confused enough to create the original problem (I don't know enough about networks to guess how), while leaving most things working, and the cure was basically to reboot everything. If Bubble had been unable to see the server at all I would have done that immediately, but with most things working I didn't think of it ...!
The ohNet UPnP stack used by MinimServer is limited to using only one adapter per subnet. This means that if the Pi has a WiFi adapter and an Ethernet adapter active on the same subnet, MinimServer will broadcast UPnP announcements on one of these adapters and not the other. Depending on the network routing setup for your wired network and your wireless network, these announcements might be sent on an adapter that is not able to communicate with your control points and this might explain the problem.
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