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Full Version: Melco N1A & M2Tech Young DSD DAC
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I took Melco N1A 3-4 weeks ago.The first thing I did was installing Minimserver. Melco is partnered with M2Tech Young DSD DAC
int.amolifier Hegel H360 and speakers ATC SCM19. The system works far,far better with Macbook Pro and Amarra then with Melco.It is better even with cheap CD transport in the chain.
Sound with Melco is a congested, no focus when complex music is played, soundstage is lowered,palatal consonants are prominent.All in all very far from high end.I am not satisfied with the sound at all and a little bit frustrated.
I would apreciate any advise.
Have you asked Melco or your Melco dealer about this? What did they say?
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