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Full Version: can only stream first track
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minimserver has been working fine. Installed on windows 7 PC and wirelessly streaming to Pioneer N50A. The wi-fi was BT. Since changing wi-fi to Virgin Media the streamer will only play one track. I can still see all the tracks on my iPhone controller but none will play as soon as I switch from the first one. I reset the PC and Pioneer streamer and I can play one track again before it refuses to play anything else. There are only warning messages (no errors) in the log.

Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.
Did you change your router and/or other network components when you changed ISPs? And which control point are you using (or is the control function just built into the Pioneer player)?

If it's the Pioneer ControlApp, then it would be via the N-50A's built-in functions as a single box UPnP control point and renderer / Digital Media Player (DMP), since the app is a 'true' remote control (uses an in-house protocol over telnet) and therefore doesn't contain a UPnP control point.
I'm using the Pioneer control app for iPhone but the same problem occurs if I use the pioneer N50A's own remote control to select streaming tracks.

The old BT Hub/router was replaced with Virgin Media's own hub so possibly some setting on this is different from the BT version and causes problems?

(27-01-2017 16:57)buginblue Wrote: [ -> ]I'm using the Pioneer control app for iPhone but the same problem occurs if I use the pioneer N50A's own remote control to select streaming tracks.
Like I said, the Pioneer ControlApp is just a remote control for the N-50A, so you'd expect it to be the same as if you'd used its IR remote control / buttons on the box.

One thing I can think could be happening is that since changing routers, the Windows machine has been assigned a different IP address to what it was previously and you are using playlists on the N-50A that you made before the change. Or, there could be a problem with the N-50A, in that it is not clearing out its old cached structure built up from previously navigating MinimServer, before the change.

If either of those cases are true, those (old) tracks will now be linked to a network device that no longer exists (since the IP address has changed), so the N-50A won't be able to request them in order to play them.

You could try the Update/refresh function, to see if that forces the N-50A to lose the old cached data. If that doesn't work, may be, if you change MinimServer's UPnP network name (the displayName) property, to something different might force the N-50A to drop its old cache. If it's an old playlist problem, then the only solution would be to recreate them.

Also, you could test if using a standard UPnP/DLNA controller app (ie, instead of the Pioneer ControlApp) on the iPhone makes any difference, as the N-50A will be under control of the app for playback, instead of doing it itself. For iOS, I'd recommend the free Creation C5 app. If you've got an Android device, try the BubbleUPnP app.
It turned out to be a firewall problem. I am using ZoneAlarm. When the wi-fi hardware was changed, a new zone was created that defaulted to "public". This "prevents you from sharing resources with other computers on that network and protects you from the security risks associated with resource sharing". When I changed the setting to "Trusted" everything was fine again. Many thanks to those who gave advice - it was a great help.
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