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Full Version: Minimserverw will not start
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On my Synology 213j with DSM 6.0.2 I have Minimserver installed but it will not start. I have both JAVA 7 (verssion 7.0.11) and JAVA 8 (version 8.0.101) working. When I start Minimserver I get a log saying it has started and stopped (cannot execute binary file).
Minimwatch on my W10 PC will only show Options, Refresh and Exit and not the other items of the menu.
This log is from 26 December and doesn't say anything about not being able to execute a binary file.

Have you upgraded Java as described in steps 2 to 7 of this section? MinimServer will not run on your NAS unless you do this.
Yes, that did the trick. I thought Java was up to date but apparently it was not.
Thanks a lot.
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