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Full Version: Minimserver does not see .wav files
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Hello everyone,

Minimserver noobie here. I am running Minimserver 0.8.4 update 96 on a Raspberry Pi 3 with stock Raspbian. For players I have MLPlayer Lite on iPhone and MediaMonkey on a Windows 10 laptop.

My MP3s and M4As show up in folder and tag views but WAV files do not. Nor do the folders they are in. They are not in the [untagged] view. They are not hidden and I can play them on the laptop via file share. The views are identical on iPhone and laptop so this really seems like a server issue.

The MP3s and M4As are from ripped CDs but the WAVs are from ripped LPs. I used Audacity to make these files several years ago. Probably they are not tagged in any way. But Minimserver does not seem to see them at all.

A few folders with WMA folders are also missing, this is expected.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Have you checked the MinimServer log for error messages?

If there are no error messages, the WAV files might be in a folder that is not being scanned. You could try putting an MP3 or M4A file in the same folder to see whether this shows up.
Hello Simon,

Thank you very much. Yes, the log has familiar errors from this forum: wrong tags and maybe noncompliant files. That was my guess about the WAVs since they were all made the same way.

There is only one .WAV file in the log, with error "missing RIFF chunk at start." There should be hundreds.

I put an mp3 in one of the missing folders. It had an error and Minimserver is not making it available. But in the log I can see that the folder was scanned.

Here are my settings. All the music is in /media/music1, an external drive at /dev/sdb1

tagCustom=AlbumArtist.displayRole={artist}, Composer.displayRole={artist}
tagOptions=Album.sortTags={Album, Artist}

Next I guess I will try to repair one of these WAV files to see if it is then found. Any suggestions much obliged.

There is nothing in these settings to explain why your WAV files are not being scanned. Have you used [folder view] to check whether the folders containing these files are listed?
The folders containing .wav files are missing from [folder view]. I assume that's because Minimserver doesn't see anything in them to index. When I put an mp3 in one of the missing folders, the file was found (although only in the error log).
OK, I used MediaMonkey to convert one file from .wav to .wav and now Minimserver can see it. MediaMonkey can stream it but the iPhone app, MLPlayer Lite, cannot.

Any suggestions for fixing wav files without converting each one, say with a hex editor?

Thanks much,
Please try setting the logging level to Debug and doing a rescan. You might see some messages like this:

WaveFileReader: ignoring non-PCM file xxxx

If this is the problem, converting the files is the only solution.
Thank you. I rescanned twice in debug mode and the result does not contain either "non" or "ignore." What do you think?
Can you upload one of these .wav files to my FTP server? I would like to take a look at it and see why it isn't working with MinimServer. I will send you the server details by PM.
Sure, that's fine. The smallest file is around 50 MB.

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