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Full Version: Unable to start MinimWatch
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Upgraded to latest version yesterday 4th January and MinimWatch will not run, Minimserver is fine and working.
Windows 10 and Java 1.8.0_111 (64 bit).
Tried removing and reinstalling Java and MinimWatch but all I get is a very brief message flashed on screen "Error: Could not find or load main class C:\Program Files\MinimWatch\lib\mwatch.jar"
Checked forum and similar problem for Blair2201 in 2015 but no solution confirmed.
jar extension is associated with java.exe.
Minimwatch is installed in Program Files rather than Program Files (x86) indicating also 64 bit version??

Any suggestions
There is a problem with your .jar file association in Windows 10. Instead of running the command:

java -jar "C:\Program Files\MinimWatch\lib\mwatch.jar

it is trying to run the command:

java "C:\Program Files\MinimWatch\lib\mwatch.jar

You should be able to fix this by running the jarfix program.
Thank you Simon - all fixed
When I started MinimWatch it came up with a message about version conflict but I updated to 49 and all OK

Guess I did something wrong with an update?
A lot of users have had problems with the .jar file association in Windows 10, so it is probably not anything wrong that you did. Fortunately, jarfix has always (so far) fixed this problem.
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