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Full Version: MinimServer bug when listing alphagroups if listViewAlbums set
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Simon, I just made a tweak to my configuration by setting listViewAlbums to 200 (to prevent further choices in my browse trees). This has caused what seems to be an issue with the >>Show All for two indexes I have, called Date Added and Date Released, but no others are affected.

I have alphagroups set to 100 for albums, artists, items etc., so I wonder if it's a problem with that? If I set listViewAlbums to 100 also, the problem goes away. So it seems if listViewAlbums is set to a larger number than the alphagroup number, it's failing to return any data. Linn Kazoo just has the endless spinning wheel, while Kinsky returns its "A problem occurred retrieving content from the specified location" dialog.

For my situation, I have some Date Released years that have >100 albums in but I don't want the additional choices for that index. But I also don't want the indexes to show more than 100 items (unless I choose show all). So I've compromised for the moment by setting both to 150. But if, as has been suggested, no additional choices are wanted and the listViewAlbums is set to a large number (say 999) - it appears to cause problems when alphagroups are set.
Thanks for letting me know about this. Using your very detailed instructions, I have reproduced the problem. It will be fixed in the next MinimServer update.
Thanks Simon Smile
The fix is now available in update 96.
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