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Full Version: Minimserver crashed with MacOs 10.9.5
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When I try to run minimserver, says the following error:
"An unexpected exception has occurred:
java.lang.illegalArgumentException: Unknown image type 0
Dyagnostic information has been written to a crash log file.
Click Ok to relaunch Minimserver or Cancel to exit " .

If I Click OK, a new error appears :
"Relaunch failed : see/Users.... Library/Minimserver....heapdump...hprof and see /users/...minimserver-threads....log

I can't see what's going on.

Please, Could anybody help me ?

Thank you
What version of Java is installed on your Mac?
Java 8 update 111.
The problem should be fixed now. If you quit and restart MinimServer (you might need to logout and login again), MinimServer will automatically update itself to update 93, which has a fix for the problem.
Ok, I'll try it again this afternoon.
Thank u
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