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Full Version: Minimstreamer installation problem in WS2016 core
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I'm not able to install Minimstreamer in Windows Server 2016 core with AO 2.10b5 environment. After issuing the command 'install minimstreamer-0.5.25', I'm receiving a message 'resource not available:'. Please note this is core environment, I'm able to ping server but propably http service is disabled. (if you are using it to get packages). Is it any method of offline package installation or any workaround?
You can use MinimWatch (running on another local machine that has http internet access) to do the installation. It is still necessary for MinimServer to have http access to the local machine running MinimWatch. There is no other way to do this install.
Thank you very much. It works now. Correct me if I'm wrong after reading transcoding manual part that it is not possible to convert everythink (input: flac, wav) to DSD128 (dopwaw output)?
You are correct that PCM files (any format) cannot be trancoded to DSD (any format).
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