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Full Version: artist tag not displayed via Lumin CP on Linn DS
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There seems to be a problem with the tag display on my Linn Majik Ds when I use the Lumin CP.
The DS does not display the artist but instead shows the composer tag.
This does not happen when I use the Kazoo CP (which I do not like so I prefer to stick with Lumin).
So I am not sure whether the problems lies with Lumin ór Minimserver but I guess it has something to do with the tagcustom property and I was hoping someone could either verify this and have a solution or.... well some other advice I guess.
the tagcustom is currently:

AlbumArtist.displayRole={artist}, Composer.displayRole={artist}
This setting sends composer information to the control point as an XML tag of the form:

<upnp artist role="Composer">composer name</upnp:artist>

If the LUMIN app is not handling this correctly, it is a problem with the LUMIN app.
Thank you for you help Simon but I don't really understand. Kazoo handles the command correctly and Lumin isn't. I can see that on the control point itself it is the same problem, Kazoo shows the artist and Lumin shows the composer (at the top and in the playlist on the left).
I was hoping that it could be fixed with a tweaking of a commandline somewhere.
It cannot be fixed in MinimServer. It is a LUMIN problem and only LUMIN can fix it.

You can configure MinimServer to remove all composer information if you wish. This is a not a fix and it will mean you don't see any composer information. If you are happy to live with this, you can change tagCustom to:

I understand Simon, thank you very much for your time and help.
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