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Full Version: Minimserver Problems in Windows 10
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In my previous installation of Minimserver in Windows 10 I had no problems installing and running. The OS got kind of semi-functional, so I did a clean reinstall. Everything is working great so far, except that Minimserver, after it successfully installs, asks what to do with mserver.jar. I have tried two versions of Minimserver and every compatible version of Java. I have tried the suggestion to begin the program address with the javaw etc. address (can't find it right now), but
it is not valid.

I am running Windows 10 Pro, Version 1607, Build 14393.447, Minimserver 0.8.4, and Java 8 Update 60 (64-bit).

What do I do next?
I don't think that this can be a message from MinimServer (if Java can't load, MinimServer can't run). What is the exact wording of the message, and are you sure that it is not coming from your firewall (which may well need to create an exception for the Java runtime)?

See this post for a solution.
Thank you! It works now.
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