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Full Version: Content Directory isn't absolute
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I have reinstalled MinimServer on my Synology after upgrading the Harddisks and setting up the NAS from scratch. Java 8 is installed. MinimServer installed without issues.
When I try to define the content directory, I get "Content Directory isn't absolute".
I have attached the path I used and the path indicated by file station. I could swear this path worked the last time I installed MinimServer.
The NAS is running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 4 (latest version)
Grateful for any help.

Solved: I mixed up slash and backslash, sorry
Are you sure your slashes are going the right way?
(17-11-2016 14:32)antonmb Wrote: [ -> ]Are you sure your slashes are going the right way?

Thanks, I had edited my post that the issue is solved. It was indeed the slashes
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