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Full Version: Tick at track changes using transcode
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I've been noticing a tick or pop sound (just one single tick) at the beginning of tracks when tracks change on both my Linn DS players. All files are FLAC and I've been transcoding to WAV24. When I stop transcoding the sound goes away. I'm running Davaar 4.52.119, NAS is a Synology DS412+.
Have you tried this on Davaar 37?
No, how would I revert to 37?
You would need to download it from this page and do a manual install using Konfig. However, this might not be the issue. I have tried this on my KRDS/0 running Davaar 4.52.117 and there is no tick or pop between tracks.
This is rather strange. I could reproduce this problem consistently, with multiple albums, even after rebooting my KDSM. I didn't refer to 37, but instead tried the beta, 4.54.132. With the beta installed the tick went away. So then I undid the beta, went back to 4.52.119, and now I can't reproduce the tick. I'm not sure what happened. I'll come back to this if it starts happening again, or go back the the beta. Thanks for your time.
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