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Full Version: how to hide "n albums" and "n items" in control point
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Dear all,

being new to this forum: first I'd like to thank Simon for his time and effort for creating MinimServer and forward a big hello to all the helpful and experienced members ;-).

With all the guidance and advice given I made it (4th attempt) to install and run Minimserver - almost. One question of convenience is left unsolved for the moment: Is it possible to hide "n albums" and "n items" in the control-point-listings on all levels (BubbleUPnP)? I combed through this forum and the manual, but alas in vain. Possibly an expert soul could help me on this.

Many thanks in advance and regards to all,


Synology NAS-NUC/JRMC-Mytek192
It isn't possible to hide "n albums" and "n items".
Like your user name Smile
You can get Minimserver to ignore entire directories if you rename with a "." in front of the name. Does that help? I've found it useful..

Dear all,

thank your for your kind replies. Well as I said, it would have been for conveniance to tidy the list up.To me "n albums" and "n items" are expandible. Impressive possibly, but also a reminder of the sums I spent on music ;-).

So, best wishes to all - enjoy the music!


I think as you use MinimServer more, you will understand the purpose of these lists of items and albums. They are not very useful at the top level if you have a large library but they are needed when you browse through your tags and home in on a small selection of music to be played.
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