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Full Version: Folder view only for some directories
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I want to add multiple content directories to MinimServer.
Only for one of those directories the tagging should be involved. (album, artist view)
The other directories are supposed to appear in the folder view only.
Is there way to configure this in MinimWatch?

If not, what if I place a keyword in the comment tag of every file in the folders I don't want to see.
Can I exclude them somehow?
If the "non-tagging" files don't have any tags, the only way to see those files is via the folder view (as you want).

If the "non-tagging" files do have tags, it isn't possible to prevent MinimServer reading and indexing the tags in just those files.
I noticed that you have posted the same question in another forum thread. Please don't do this in future. I have deleted the other thread.
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