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Full Version: New Install, Windows 10, Windows Firewall block
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When installing Java/Minimserver I got a Windows Firewall message saying it's blocked Java™ Platform SE so I clicked to allow Private networks (rightly or wrongly!). It's popped up again showing the Private (ticked) and grayed out, after running minimwatch for a rescan after updates to my music, and it's citing javaw.exe
Have you just installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607)? I was getting a problem like this with the Windows firewall after installing updates to both Windows and Java. A restart fixed the problem.

Later, as an experiment, I deleted all the 'Inbound' rules relating to Java SE Binary in the Windows Firewall advanced settings. When I attempted to open MinimWatch, I got the same message as you. Allowing the exception only produced the grey (disconnected) MinimWatch icon, but closing and restarting MininimWatch produced the green icon and resolved the problem.

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