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Full Version: New Installation - control point can't see MinimServer
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So I was about to post my version of events below you beat me to it! ;-) I'll upload it anyway to show willing and to include the Excel part for those who aren't familiar with it...

What I want to know is why the genre tag is not included?

Before beginning, go to the MP3tag Options menu (found in ‘Tools’ I think) where there is an ‘Export’ branch which you click on. This lets you select the export directory and file format. I chose my FLAC folder (see below) and a csv format. Csv stands for ‘comma separated values’ and is great for importing into Excel.

As an example - My music collection is in a folder called 'FLAC'. Below that are 'Artist' folders. And below each artist are 'Album' folders which contain the actual flac files (and an album cover jpg).

To modify an album's metadata you would normally select the album folder in MP3tag, which shows all the flac files within. For the whole collection simply navigate 'UP' to the lowest all-encompassing folder in your collection, in my instance it is the ‘FLAC’ folder, and wait while MP3tag populates the main window with all the flac files (in my case) from all artists and all albums. It took about 5 - 10 minutes for my 5360 songs.

Click any of the headers in the MP3tag window to sort the results as you wish. Path made sense to me.

Now, you can go to the File drop down menu where there is an Export option.

A file is created, instantly in my case, inside the ‘FLAC’ folder. The csv file fields are separated by a semi-colon by default which is good as some titles contain commas.

Here’s a sample of the output:

Title;Artist;Album;Track;Year;Length;Size;Last Modified;Path;Filename;

Donna;10cc;Best of 10cc;01;1997;179;19.62 MB;8/29/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\10cc\Best of 10cc\;01. Donna - 10cc.flac;
Don't Go;Yazoo;Upstairs At Eric's (Remastered);1;2013;192;18.95 MB;11/15/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\Yazoo\Upstairs At Eric's\;01. Don't Go - Yazoo.flac;
Don't Know Why;Norah Jones;Come Away With Me;01;2002;186;17.48 MB;3/7/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\Norah Jones\Come Away With Me\;01. Don't Know Why - Norah Jones (Come Away With Me).flac;
Don't Panic;Coldplay;Parachutes;01;2000;137;15.24 MB;4/11/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\Coldplay\Parachutes\;01. Don't Panic - Coldplay.flac;
Down And Out;Genesis;And Then There Were Three;01;1978;327;37.30 MB;6/21/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\Genesis\And Then There Were Three\;01. Down And Out - Genesis.flac;
Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy child);Heart;The Road Home;01;1995;242;23.20 MB;4/20/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\Heart\The Road Home\;01. Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy child) - Heart.flac;
Drive;R.E.M.;Automatic For The People;01;1992;272;27.93 MB;4/11/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\R.E.M\Automatic For The People\;01. Drive - R.E.M..flac;
Each And Every One;Everything But The Girl;Eden;01;1985;169;18.12 MB;3/10/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\Everything But The Girl\Eden\;01. Each And Every One - Everything But The Girl (Eden).flac;
Easy Does It;Supertramp;Crisis? What Crisis?;01;1975;137;10.16 MB;3/10/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\Supertramp\Crisis What Crisis\;01. Easy Does It.flac;
El Salvador;Athlete;Vehicles & Animals;01;2003;206;24.16 MB;2/14/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\Athlete\Vehicles & Animals\;01. El Salvador - Athlete (Vehicles & Animals).flac;
Electrical Language;Be-Bop Deluxe;Drastic Plastic;01;1978;290;29.33 MB;2/8/2015;\\MYSERVERNAME\music\FLAC\Be-Bop Deluxe\Drastic Plastic\;01. Electrical Language - Be-Bop Deluxe (Drastic Plastic).flac;

The metadata/tags are the first 7ish semi-colon separated parts of each line. This was my first attempt last night and it does not contain Genre, which is one of the tags that I really want to sort, so I’ll need to look at this again tonight.

This is hard to make use of as is so; Launch Excel and open a ‘New’ file, then click the Data tab. Select ‘From Text’ and navigate to the exported csv file (I removed mine from the FLAC folder for fear of confusing the server…). Select it and click ‘Import’.

Be sure ‘Delimited’ is selected and click ‘Next’. Check the ‘Semicolon’ option and you’ll see your fields start to make sense, then click ‘Next’. This last screen lets you set the data type for each column, as it will become in Excel. Leaving them as General is fine for now. Click ‘Finish’ and accept the ‘Existing worksheet’ option in the Import Data screen.
(10-08-2016 15:23)Glandwr Wrote: [ -> ]What I want to know is why the genre tag is not included?

Because the export configuration file does not specify it. You need to edit the plain text file

C:\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\export\csv.mte

Note that Appdata is a hidden folder; the easiest way to get to the Roaming folder is to enter %Appdata% in the Windows Explorer address bar. From the layout of csv.mte, it is pretty easy to see how you insert a Genre heading and a %genre% tag reference.

Wow, that is a gem!
Thanks, I've been in AppData\Roaming for other software, at work mostly, but would never have thought of it for this!
(10-08-2016 16:47)Glandwr Wrote: [ -> ]I've been in AppData\Roaming for other software, ... but would never have thought of it for this!

It's all in MP3Tag Help, which is admittedly not the easiest to work through; MinimServer Help is much better!

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