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Full Version: Missing files?
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Howdy MinimServer folks

I've recently put together a system I'm super happy with:

.Synology 213+ NAS
.RasberryPi + HiFiBerry + volumio -> RCA to my modest receiver
.I've been experimenting with different controllers and haven't settled on one yet.

My issue is that wife's favorite weekend music, Sting, in not showing up. None of the albums or tracks.

When I turn on verbose logging, I see that minimserver is reading the Sting directory and each album, and I don't see any warnings or errors related to these files.

My wife has recently also discovered Sade is missing. Same story.

The files in both Sting and Sade are WMAs. They play without issue locally on my Mac via Vox. They also show up in volumio.

Where can I can look to understand why minimserver is not cataloging these files?

Thanks for all the awesome work and the excellent forum. I've learned a ton already from this group.
You will see from this page of the User Guide that MinimServer does not support .WMA files. The workaround is to convert them to another format, which is easily done.

Thank you, David.

Sorry to trouble the forum with such an obvious question.
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