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Have an error but when i check with Jaikoz don't see a problem
Thanks Neale

I wonder if this is reporting you have a DISCNUMBER of 1 but the suffix is Disc 3

MinimServer now does something with a suffix of Disc in the title

Albums and folders

MinimServer scans your library by processing the complete contents of each folder before it starts to process the next folder or subfolder. Within each folder, audio files are grouped into albums based on album name (the value of the Album tag).

In some cases, the contents of an album might be spread across multiple folders. For example, a multi-disc album might have each disc in a separate folder, or your library folder structure might be based on artists or composers rather than albums. To allow for these cases, MinimServer merges album contents from different folders if any of the following apply:

The folder album contents include a DISCNUMBER tag
The folder album name is suffixed by the string [disc <n>], (disc <n>) or , disc <n> [NEW], where <n> is a positive integer (see the Multi-disc albums section)
The folder album contents include a DISCSUBTITLE tag
The folder name contains the string [part]
The mergeFolderAlbums property is set to true
When merging folder album contents, MinimServer checks for all of the following:

The album names are the same, excluding any [disc <n>], (disc <n>) or , disc <n> [NEW] suffix
The artist values are the same. (This value is the AlbumArtist tag value if present, or the Artist tag value if it's the same for all audio files in the folder album.)
The folder match filters (if present) are the same. A match filter is an optional suffix of the form ['<filter>'] that can be appended to a folder name.
The match filter is used to prevent unintended merging in some special cases, such as two copies of the same album in different audio formats. For example, the contents of folders "MyAlbum ['24/96 download']" and "MyAlbum ['CD rip']" won't be merged, because they have different match filters.

For information about different options for viewing the contents of multi-disc albums while browsing your library, see the Multi-disc albums section.
(24-07-2016 23:34)Peter@57m Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder if this is reporting you have a DISCNUMBER of 1 but the suffix is Disc 3

Yes, this is the reason for these warning messages.
This is odd as it doesn't happen with disc 1 2 or 4 which is in same format
The Complete Geffen Recordings, Disc 2
The Complete Geffen Recordings, Disc 4
Perhaps you don't have incorrect DISCNUMBER tags in the files for these discs. You will only get this message if the DISCNUMBER tags don't match the album title suffix.
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