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Full Version: How to alter default tag visibility
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Hi - I am new to Minim Server/Minim Watch. I have Minim Server installed on my Synology NAS, and Minim Watch on my Windows PC, plus BubbleUPnP on my Android phone. All I want to do is alter the default setting for the tags which are visible in BubbleUPnP so that the Comments field is visible. In Minim Watch/Properties/Index tags I have altered the default so it looks like this - 'Artist, Date, Genre, All Artists, Composer, Comment' - but the Comments tag is still not visible. Can anyone spare a moment to tell me what I should do? Many thanks.
Did you rescan your library?
You need to restart MinimServer after changing the indexTags property. A rescan is not necessary unless your library has changed.

If you want Comment tags to be visible in the index, you need to add Comment to indexTags and there must be some Comment (not Comments) tags in your files.
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