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Full Version: Playlist File Error
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I have with the Playlist a error with Folder include a ,

First i have only 1 File but now I add 2 new Files from the Beatles and now you can see the Problem. I can Play all Files with the Minimserver, but not this files on the Playlist ;-(
Are the playlists edited on the same device as they are used on? There may be an issue with incompatible character sets.

You need to make sure that the .m3u text file uses the same character set as the one MinimServer is using on that particular device. The startup dialogue for MinimServer says which character set is in use, and a good text editor should allow you to save files using particular character sets.

Hi David

I have not right. Other Albums from The Beatles are working. The same Problem with Foobar. It cant open this Files from the Playlist. Very strange. The Flac File i can direct play without Problem.

I create all Playlists with Plalist Creator. Tpe Problem is only the Playlist
When you edit your playlist file in Playlist Creator, are the problem files highlighted in red, indicating that they are not accessible on the path specified?

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