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Full Version: OSMC cannot see minimserver
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I have minimserver running on Qnap NAS and working well serving several Linn DS devices. I use BubbleDS on android phone as control point for the Linns and BubbleUPNP on other renderers.

I have now invested in a Raspberry Pi3 and installed OSMC as the operating system which has Kodi as media renderer with the intention of using it in the same way as Linns.

Trouble is I am not familiar with Kodi and cannot get it to "see" the minimserver. Does anybody have time to help me getting this setup to work please?
In fact both Twonky and minimserver are running on the NAS. If I browse for Videos in Kodi there is an option in browse for new share which is for UPnP devices. If selected this show both Twonky and minimserver. This does not appear when looking to add music files. Any ideas why not?
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