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Full Version: QNAP NAS Minimserver App and Alpha Group Tagging
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I'm using a QNAP TS-251 NAS with the Minimserver App downloaded and installed from the QNAP App centre directly onto the QNAP

All is working very well but I'd lick to be able to tag alpha groups (a, b, c, d etc). I've created tags like this previously with a Mac Mini and found it very useful to browse large libraries. The Mac has now unfortunately retired itself.

I've been digging around on the forums and fiddling with QNAP and Minimserver settings but can't find out how to do this or whether it's even possible. I'm not able to get to the properties screen that was available for Minimserver on OSX.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I have moved this thread to the Support section of the forum because alpha grouping isn't related to tagging. To enable alpha grouping, you need to set the alphaGroup property. See this section for details. To see the Properties window, you need to install MinimWatch on another computer (Mac, PC or Linux) and select Properties from the minim icon.
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