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Full Version: Is there a way to force the minimserver database rebuild
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I have been using minimserver on a QNAP NAS for some time. I am very pleased with it behavior and thank its developers very sincerely.

I am facing a difficulty whereby minimserver has an incorrect database entry for some of the albums I have. I would like to completely scrap the existing database and force the database to be rebuilt.

I have tried to rescan, which does not work in my case. I have tried to remove the volume where the albums are sitting from minimserver and rescan. When adding the volume back, albums were not tagged properly.

Now how do I know they are not tagged properly in minimserver database ? Simply because I used another library tools (Audirvana running on a Mac), scanned the same volume, and found a different tag information than the one which is shown by my Lumin application on the iPad. I also tried to completely remove Lumin from the iPad, which causes the database on the iPad to be deleted and reinstalled.

Any idea how to delete this and restart from scratch ?

Thanks in advance.
To do a full MinimServer rescan that ignores the current cached information ("database"), you can set the startupScan property to 'full' and do a rescan. This does not rebuild the local cache ("database") that the LUMIN app uses.

To eliminate the possibility of a LUMIN app problem, you could try using another control point after doing a full MinimServer rescan.
Hi Simon,

Thanks for answering. I rebuilt the cache as you suggested, but this did not help unfortunately.

I tried with nPlayer on iPad, which shows the same information than L├╝min. This information is not consistent with what I tagged using Yate on Mac, and which is correctly recognized by Audirvana.

Would you have any suggestion related to a metadata editor on Mac OSX or Linux which I could use to check the metadata of the files on the NAS ?

BTW, I noticed that the files which tags where not correctly identified by minimserver were .dff while .dsf files' tags were correctly identified. Could it be something here ?
Confirmed : I manually converted some files from dff to dsf, re-tagged them and it now works.

Is this a features' limitation of minimserver which is subject to evolution or are you going to stand pat in this field ?
The DSF specification supports tagging but the DFF specification doesn't support tagging. It sounds like Yate and Audirvana are using a nonstandard extension to add tags to DFF files. I don't have any plans to support this nonstandard extension in MinimServer.
Thanks for the answer and your help. dff2dsf will be my friend then.
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