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Full Version: Using MinimServer in two locations
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I have two Linn / PC systems that use MinimServer. They are identically configured. When using a laptop and Linn Kazoo, Kazoo finds the streamer automatically but it does not find MinimServer (without going into settings), although my music library has the same path and name in both locations.

Is this a Kazoo or MinimServer issue?

Thank you.
I don't fully understand the problem. What do you mean by a Linn/PC system? Is MinimServer running on a PC (or multiple PCs) or on some other device such as a NAS (or multiple NAS devices)?

To select a UPnP server in Linn Kazoo, you need to go into settings. If you don't do this, Kazoo will use the last server that you have selected.

UPnP discovery problems are always (in my experience) caused by network issues. For more information, see this section.

If this information is not helpful, please describe the problem in more detail.
Thank you for your reply, Simon.

I am using Linn streamers in both locations, with Windows PCs, on which MinimServer is running, for storage.

The sever name is the same in both places, so I had hoped that I would not have to go into Kazoo settings each time to select the server (i.e. that Kazoo would automatically select the server in each location, as it is named similarly). The server is always there, but is unavailable until it is re-selected.
Thanks for explaining this in more detail. This sounds like a Kazoo issue. The best place to get help is the Linn forum.
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