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Full Version: Genre search not working
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If I try to retrieve a list of genres using the search mechanism and the follow parameters i don't receive any results.

ContainerID: 0
SearchCritera: upnp:class = "object.container.genre.musicGenre"
Filter: *
StartingIndex: 0
RequestedCount: 10
SortCriteria: *

A similar request for albums or playlists works correctly.

Tested using MinimServer 0.8.3 update 83 on a Synology DS213j


This is probably one for Simon, but in my experience UPnP Search typically only works with a limited range of tags. What that range is will depend on the control point as much as on the server. I have not yet encountered a control point that searched the Genre tag. That said, Genre makes more sense for me as a tag for browsing rather than searching.

UPnP Search is quite useful in its present form; extending its capabilities would require agreement between those who develop servers and those who develop control points.

The UPnP Search support in MinimServer supports the following values for the upnp:class property (including derivedfrom relationships):


This seems to be sufficient to handle UPnP Search queries sent by all control points that I have tried.

Are there any other UPnP servers that support musicGenre searches?
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