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Full Version: QNAP 251 - control point can't see MinimServer
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Just bought a shiny new QNAP 251 - partly in order to run MinimServer. My old Sparc ReadyNAS is really past it's day now.

Anyway, have installed JRE (v 8.65.0), and then installed MinimServer from the App Centre (so version 0.8.3).

Going to the status page (i.e. http://192.168.0.x:9790) from my PC shows MinimServer as running.

Installed BubbleUPnP on my phone, and have found that MinimServer appears occasionally - but not reliable. Also installed a UPnP Tool to scan the network, and again, it only appears very occasionally.

I installed MinimWatch on my PC, but am only getting the grey icon. I have tried turning Windows Firewall off on my machine, no difference.

My router is a Draytek 2920 - I have gone in and made sure that IGMP snooping is not enabled.

I have also tried stopping and starting MinimServer, restarting the NAS, uninstalling MinimServer and manuall installing version 0.8.4 - same problem.

I think I have tried all the standard suggestions - so it's time to ask for help!


This has all the symptoms of a multicast problem with your router (or switch or access point if you have one). If you leave MinimWatch as grey for 15 minutes, does MinimServer eventually appear?
Hmmm - I wonder.... I do have a couple of other routers set up as wireless access points on the network as well - might they be causing confusion? Looking at my TP-Link, it has this screen

[Image: tp-link.jpg]

It's not immediately obvious what to change to stop any snooping, but I suspect that this might be the problem....
Scrub that - I've found another option on a different page... In Advanced Setup > LAN is a checkbox for IGMP Snooping. Now unticked and router rebooted.
...and looks like we're in business. Silly me - I wss thinking the other routers, since they were set up as access points, wouldn't have any effect, but your "(or switch or access point if you have one)" lit up the lightbulb.

Many thanks for the guidance!
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