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Full Version: Problem with tag option "ignore"
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When I use [all].ignore.sort={The,A,Les,Le,L',La,Der,Die,Das,Ein,Eine}, "La primavera" is sorted correctly, but "L'estate", "L'autunno", and "L'inverno" are not.

This happens because the articles in the option parameter are matched only if followed by a space. Can this be changed to match at a word boundary (using a RE with \b)?
From a quick web search, it appears that different regex processors have different interpretations of word characters and non-word characters and it could be quite tricky to implement this in a fully general way that works with all Unicode word characters and non-word characters. Java has some support for \b that apparently understands Unicode word characters and I will do some investigation to find out whether this would be a suitable solution.
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